Sea Creature friends
Sea Creature friends

Regular vanilla               $4.50

Gluten /Dairy Free      $5.00

Wholesale prices available on request.


North Island -$10.50 per box up to 100 cookies

South Island - $18.00 per box up to 100 cookies

About the Kiwi Cookie Company

The Kiwi Cookie Company is an exclusive designer cookie company creating wonderful cookies which are delightful for children's parties,wedding favours, special occasions, corporate promotions-the list is endless.

They are vanilla flavoured and taste amazing-tried and tested on my grandchildren!!!

We bake all cookies in both regular vanilla and Gluten/ Dairy Free.

They are baked, iced, and then heat sealed which enables them to be posted or taken out of the country.

Shelf life is 6 months-not that they last that long!!

We embrace variations that are typical to handmade items. 
We hope you feel the same way.

They are the cutest little fellows who need good homes-and tummies to go to!

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Contact Information

07-823 6266
Opening Hours
10:00am - 4:00pm
Wednesday - Sunday

designed & created at
The Olde Creamery Cafe

Please Note:

All orders need to be placed 2 weeks in advance.
Minimum order of 10 of any one design.

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