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Kiwi Cookie Company is excited to announce the arrival of our Cookie Kits - where we provide everything you need to ice your cookies - a great idea for parties, baby showers, Christmas Gifts - you think the theme, we'll design the pack for you.You can choose to decorate your cookies with the icing provided, or anything else you're allowed i.e. M&Ms. Best to let the cookies dry before eating them - if you can wait that long!
Our DIY Kits will include cookies, 1 bag of royal icing mix and instruction, 1 x bag of sprinkles (up to 3 different colours), 2 x icing bags, 2 x bamboo sticks - and lots of fun!

DIY Cookie Kits

The Kiwi Cookie Company is excited to bring you our DIY Cookie Kits - that can be personalised for any event - Team Building | Birthday Parties | Baby Showers | Baby Gender Reveal Parties - you think it, we'll come up with a cookie for it

Christmas DIY KIT

Included in the Christmas kit are:

  • 8 mini cookies
  • 1 big Santa Cookie and a card for Santa
  • 1 bag of royal icing and instructions
  • 1 bag of sprinkles - 3 different colours
  • 2 icing bags
  • 1 small bag for santa's cookie
  • 2 bamboo sticks
  • And lots of fun and happy times!

Team Building DIY Kits

A great team building idea - everyone has a cookie (or two) to ice, based on the instructions of the team leader. This can be a fun way to see how instructions are interpreted and a fun and interactive way to spend time together.
We can design your DIY Cookie Kit for most professions - give us a call on 07 823 6266 and let's get the teamworking happening.

Baby Gender Reveal DIY Kit

We can make teddy bear cookies and provide both pink and blue (or any two colours you wish) as a party game for your baby gender reveal. Get your guests to choose a colour for their teddy bear, ice it and see who's correct when the gender is revealed - lots of fun.

Unicorn DIY Kit

A favourite for any birthday party - our Unicorn DIY kit will keep the party attendees quite for some time, deciding on what colour to make the mane, and the horn.
Fun fact: a baby unicorn is called a sparkle- and we reckon these unicorns will sparkle (or the table will) once they're decorated.

Dinosaur DIY Kit

Dinosaurs aren't extinct, they're just hiding as they haven't been coloured in with icing yet - and eaten! These dinosaurs are a great way to keep kids quiet at a birthday party for at least 5 minutes, while they're concentrating colour them in, and then eating them - of if you're a great host -  making them take them home and eat later!
We can tailor the quantity of dinosaurs - and shapes (all one, or multiple different dinosaur) for your party.

Baby Shower DIY Kit

What better way to celebrate the impending birth of a baby at a baby shower than an icing competition between friends. We'll provide the cookies, the icing and then it's up to your friends to decide on what they're going to put onto the cookie. Lots of fun - it beats the old game 'how pegs can you hold' (from the days of nappies on the line) - and you can eat them once they're dried (or not) as well!

Easter DIY Kit

Who needs chocolate when there are Easter Bunny and egg-shaped cookies! Instead of hiding the eggs for Easter Hunt, you could hide our Easter DIY Kit, and the kids can then have fun decorating them with the icing and sprinkles included in the pack. The only trouble you'll have on the day - is getting them to wait until the icing has set!

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designed & created at
The Olde Creamery Cafe

Please Note:

All orders need to be placed 2 weeks in advance.
Minimum order of 10 of any one design.

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