About Us

The Kiwi Cookie Company is owned by Chris who also owns The Olde Creamery Cafe in Ohaupo, New Zealand and it is a relatively new and small - yet rapidly expanding cottage industry.
The cookies are baked at The Olde Creamery Cafe using the commercial kitchen where a team of  baker and icing ladies create, bake and ice these adorable cookies.
The cookies are made of natural ingredients and are all available either regular or gluten/dairy free. They are heat sealed into cellophane bags making their shelf life up to 6 months.
Ideal for children's parties as we can create the cookies to match the theme - or we can provide a DIY Cookie Kit so you little ones can decorate the cookies themselves.
We are all passionate about these delightful cookies and are always looking to create new designs that will just bring a smile to your face-and a fabulous taste to your lips!!
We currently have 110 designs going out into 53 cafes,delicatessens, bookstores, Hobbiton, Hairy Feet tours Real Journeys Tourism and i-SITES around the North Island and are always looking to expand our outlets.
If you have any special cookie requests, just call Chris to discuss your needs 07 823 6266.

Contact Information

07-823 6266
Opening Hours
10:00am - 4:00pm
Wednesday - Sunday

designed & created at
The Olde Creamery Cafe

Please Note:

All orders need to be placed 2 weeks in advance.
Minimum order of 10 of any one design.

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